A unique creation.- AD1650 – 2017

Alnwick Lodge enjoys a picturesque setting, close to the A1 trunk road one mile South of the historic town of Alnwick.

The Lodge and surrounding grounds have been home to Peter Smith since 1978, joined by Evelyn in 1994. During this period West Cawledge Park has been tastefully transformed from a run-down Northumbrian farm stead to provide a dramatic setting for Alnwick Lodge.

Alnwick Lodge is a combination of history, rural charm and an air of sophistication whilst linked to technology.

West Cawledge Park was a typical Northumbrian dairy farm supplying milk to Alnwick until the 1950s. The cows moved on, the land was dispersed to adjoining farmers in the 1960s. In 1978 when Peter took over West Cawledge Park the farm house and buildings had reached rock bottom (a bulldozer seemed the only solution). Instead, a massive building restoration project was carried out by us.


Alnwick Lodge

With a bit of luck and help from the Duke of Northumberland, the farm house and buildings took on a new role, as a home, antiques gallery, restoration workshops and now…


We are now beginning to see the results of hard work and lots of vision!

The thriving antiques emporium still continues today. Only Alnwick Lodge has the advantage of a superb, ever changing backdrop of furniture and works of art – old and new.

YES everything is for sale – even your bed!